Budget-Saving Ideas for Wedding Party Planning


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Wedding party planning doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a fortune. You can have a memorable and enjoyable reception without going over your budget if you plan it well. To help you on this, here are some ideas that you can easily apply to your own event.


Set how much you are willing to spend for your wedding reception. You should then determine how many guests you would be inviting to the party. You can also think whether you’ll have an event that’s strictly formal or a more casual one.

Date and Time

Selecting the date and time of your wedding is crucial to your budget. If you haven’t set these important details yet, keep in mind that there are seasons when catering, flowers, dresses, and other event services are more expensive than other times of the year. This usually depends on your location. However, in almost all countries, everyone jacks up their prices at Christmastime. If you can, try staying away from this season.

In addition, breakfast and lunch events are more reasonable than late afternoon and evening ones. For one thing, you’d need lights as soon as the sun goes down. Also, almost all hotels, restaurants, and caterers charge more for dinner menus. Another thing you should consider is that evening weddings call for formal attire – more expensive for you and for your guests.


Name Engraving on Engagement or Wedding Rings

wedding ring

    They say actions speak louder than words do. Personally, I believe that to be true, and if you were a woman who’s in a relationship, then you would probably agree with me, too. Many women tend to get frustrated with their significant others (or men, in general) because men can’t seem to say continue reading…

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Outdoor Autumn Wedding: Brown, Orange, and Yellow

Autumn birds

Nothing says “outdoor autumn wedding” better than a celebration that incorporates the elements of nature that symbolize the season. And that includes the use of leaves in yellow, orange, and brown color in your wedding details. Foliage of such shades makes for great accents from your invitation to the table setting. Here are some suggestions continue reading…

Trade Your Heels for Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots i do

Most autumn weddings take place outdoors because brides and grooms want to make the most of the cool weather. And with outdoor weddings come themes that let couples be more adventurous with their wedding details, one of which being the bride’s footwear. Since outdoor weddings would entail the bride to walk on the ground — continue reading…

Bringing Money Matters in the Clear before Saying “I Do”

wedding money matters

When two people are in love, everything seems to be a bed of roses. What they fail to realize is that roses have thorns, and they are more than likely to get pricked by these the hard way. Sometimes, couples discover the thorns some years into the marriage, when problems start piling up. Others, though, continue reading…

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Autumn Wedding Idea: Pashminas for Your Bridesmaids

pashmina bridesmaids fall wedding

Thinking of something to keep your bridesmaids warm during your cool autumn wedding? Consider giving them a pashmina, a long piece of clothing usually made from wool. This will help make them feel comfortable while at the ceremony and reception—especially if you are having an outdoor wedding—and can also double as a bridesmaid gift. The continue reading…

Motifs and Ideas: Brown and Orange

Fall Wedding Cake

Seasons are a great basis from which to build the look and theme of your wedding. Color motifs may depend on the hues and shades popular during the time of year when your wedding happens. For example, bright or pastel colors may be used for spring or summer weddings. White and silver go well for continue reading…